This is Physical Therapy, FirstHand.

You should never have to sacrifice doing what you love because of pain. At Provision Physical Therapy, we’re here to provide the relief you need to get you back to enjoying life.

Our office will be closed on July 26, 2024.

Physical therapy should to be your best.

Our team of specialized providers believes in providing you with the care that’s unique to your specific needs. That means we take the time to understand your symptoms, your situation, and your goals to get you back in the game, back to work, or back to your family and friends.

That’s physical therapy FirstHand, and it’s the level of care we bring to our patients every day.

Our services include:


Sports Injuries

Pain Relief

Post- Op Rehabilitation

Cancer Rehabilitation & Lymphedema Management

Get back to the life you’ve been missing.

With decades of experience on our staff, we’ve helped thousands of patients find relief from pain, recovery from operations, and work through rehabilitation after serious injuries. Schedule a consultation today and see how we can get you back to the life you’ve been missing.
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