Physical therapy should bring both relief and empowerment to live your best life.

That’s why we believe in addressing the root of your problem to help you get on with life and equipping you with the knowledge you need to take care of yourself for the long term.

The Neck and Back Pain Program

Neck and back pain can easily consume your life and make even the simplest activities too difficult. Our proven program focuses on individual, evidence-based, manual therapy directed at joint and soft tissue areas causing your pain.

The Headache Program

Headaches can originate in a wide range of areas of your body. Tension, upper neck dysfunction, and postural problems can cause debilitating headaches if not addressed. Our program is designed to address the underlying cause of headaches through a comprehensive, evidence-based approach.

Sports Injury Program

Injuries are a part of playing sports, but don’t let them keep you on the sidelines. Our sports injury program focuses on the joints and soft tissue areas where irritation may occur, and we work to strengthen these areas to help prevent future injuries. Many of our therapists at Provision Physical Therapy actively participate in athletics and feel passionate about helping athletes stay in the game

Dry Needling Program

Dry needling is a highly effective method for addressing a wide range of musculoskeletal problems. From neck/back/shoulder pain to tennis elbow to carpal tunnel, our dry needling program has proven to show significant results for our patients. Dry needling can also address:

• Golfer’s elbow • Tension headaches and migraines • Jaw pain • Sciatica • Muscle strains • Muscle tightness/spasms • Tension-type headaches • Whiplash-associated disorders • Complex regional pain syndrome • Tendonitis • Hip and knee pain or arthritis • Overuse injuries • Fibromyalgia

Post-Operative Rehabilitation Programs

Recovery from a surgical procedure can be painful and exhausting. However, our team goes to great lengths to treat you with empathy, understanding, and care to get you back on your feet. We cater this program to your specific needs as communicated by a referring physician’s guidance. All our interventions are meant to restore pain-free movement, function, and optimized return to activity. Education for our patients is paramount, and we work to help you understand the guidelines for the healing phase and as well as returning to your normal activities.

General Conditioning Programs

Several medical events can require additional, long-term care, including surgery, cancer treatment, and specific disease-related conditions. To address these wide-ranging issues, our programs focus on optimizing healing through monitored exercise training. We are especially focused on cardiovascular function and patient mobility for a required job or activity of daily living.

Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphedema Management

No matter who you are or where you’re from, cancer touches families across the country. Many cancer patients face a variety of physical impairments during or after cancer treatment, such as range of motion deficits, generalized weakness, cancer-related fatigue, lymphedema, joint arthralgia, and osteoporosis. The Cancer Rehabilitation and Lymphedema (CRL) program is designed to address and minimize secondary physical complications associated with many cancer diagnoses.

Get back to the life you’ve been missing.

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